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The importance of active humidification during mechanical ventilation is well established1 and a number different breathing system solutions have been developed to meet the patient’s needs.  Unfortunately, condensation, or ‘rainout’ remains a common issue with many active breathing systems. Excess condensation can quickly accumulate in the breathing system and ventilator, leading to higher airway resistances, compromised ventilator performance and additional work.

Intersurgical have developed a range of adult active humidification solutions that ensure the optimal level of patient humidification whilst reducing condensation and increasing protection for the patient and the clinician.  Navigate through the images below to find out more about each range.




References 1. Restrepo, R, D Walsh, B, K, American Association for Respiratory Care, 2021, AARC clinical practice guidelines, 'Humidification During Invasive and non invasive Mechanical Ventilation: 2021' Respiratory Care Vol 57, pp. 787-788
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