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StarMed Ventukit Up - Openable hood for CPAP therapy with built-in Venturi flow driver

Openable Ventukit Up is a complete and easy to use system that is simply activated by connecting to an appropriate oxygen supply. Ventukit Up unique design consists of oxygen tubes and a Venturi flow driver integral to an openable CPAP hood. The kit also includes an adjustable PEEP valve for immediate therapy activation. It can be used to deliver CPAP in a hospital environment, transport or pre-hospital use. The openable Ventukit Up allows for one operator to easily remove the upper part of the hood and have full access to the patient, whilst any probes or catheters can remain in position on the lower part of the hood.

Technical Features
• The integrated Venturi flow driver can generate high patient flows while consuming a reduced amount of compressed oxygen.
• O2 % can be adjusted from 40% to 100% at each PEEP level
• The adjustable PEEP valve can provide patient pressures in a range of settings up to 20 cmH2O
• The user is guided by a performance table integral to the product for independent PEEP and O2% settings

Fitted with integrated pressure gauge to check the presence of pressure within the hood
Patient access port fitted with bidirectional anti-asphyxiation valve which opens automatically in the event of pressure failure

Single packed. 
The StarMed study database features studies covering a range of clinical scenarios and each study entry includes a brief summary abstract and further categorisation and tagging so you can search for studies based on their clinical setting, author, journal, date and any key words. We will continue to add new posts as further studies are released - so keep checking for the latest supporting material.  
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