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StarMed Ventumask 30 - For CPAP therapy with Venturi flow driver, adjustable PEEP valve and pressure manometer

StarMed Ventumask 30 is a unique design for CPAP therapy that is simply activated by connecting to an appropriate oxygen supply. It can be used in a hospital environment or pre-hospital use.
Advantages and Technical Features
• Ventumask 30 is a complete and easy to use system, where the oxygen supply tubes, a Venturi flow driver and a PEEP valve are integral to a CPAP mask fitted with a pressure gauge
• The built-in adjustable PEEP valve can provide patient pressures in a range of settings up to 20 cmH2O
• The integrated Venturi flow driver can generate patient flows up to 80 L/min while consuming a reduced amount of compressed oxygen
• O2% can be adjusted from 30% to 100% at each PEEP level
• The user is guided by a performance table integral to the product, for independent PEEP and O2% settings
• PEEP and O2% parameters are independent for optimal therapy setting
• Adjustable PEEP valve, silicone headgear, pressure manometer and oxygen tubing are included

Single packed.
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