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           One adult size                     Fully disposable          Ready for use
No need to stock multiple sizes   No need to rmeove batteries prior to disposal No need to connect separate blades

LiteScope™ is a one piece, single-use, fully disposable laryngoscope offering a quick and easy-to-use solution for intubation whilst maximising patient safety.  

Unlike a standard laryngoscope, the innovative one-piece design of LiteScope™ eliminates the need to connect a separate blade and handle, thus saving valuable time in an emergency. Modelled on a Macintosh blade, the insertion technique is the same as for any standard laryngoscope with a Macintosh blade.

LiteScope™ is ideal for use in:

• pre-hospital
• emergency medicine
• resuscitation
• anaesthesia
• intensive care

LiteScope™ is supplied in boxes of 10 units. Each device is individually packed to ensure protection of the device, both in transit and in storage.

Infection Control
Recently published infection control guidelines have confirmed that in relation to laryngoscopes, ‘current practices for decontamination and disinfection between patients are frequently ineffective, leaving residual contamination that has been implicated as a source of cross infection.(1)

’Blades are also regularly contaminated with blood, indicating penetration of mucous membranes, and puts these items into a high-risk category'.(1)

They also confirm that, ‘Ideally, a fully disposable laryngoscope, whereby the handle is also discarded with the blade, is recommended.'

As a single use, fully disposable laryngoscope, Litescope™ eliminates the risks associated with the reprocessing of reusable devices, and therefore provides an ideal solution where there is a concern regarding infection control and also avoids any reprocessing costs.  

Intensive Care Anaesthesia Emergency Medicine


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